Here’s the list of weekly readings up until Easter, together with the Subjects for Sunday.

Week ending Subject Weekly reading Sunday focus Title Theme
5th JanuaryCreation Genesis 1-2 Genesis 2 v4-25A Perfect WorldTo see how God created a perfect world
12th JanuaryThe Fall Genesis 3-5 Genesis 3 v 1-19It’s Not My FaultIt’s sometimes easier to blame those around us than accept responsibility for our actions
19th January Noah part 1 Genesis 6-8 Genesis 7 v 1-16 The Lifeboat Building the boat wasn’t enough, you also have to get on the boat
26th JanuaryNoah part 2 Genesis 9-11 Genesis 9 v 1-17 The Promise God keeps his promises
2nd FebruaryAbraham part 1 Genesis 12-15 Genesis 15 v 1-19 Birth of a Nation Being chosen by God
9th FebruaryAbraham part 2 Genesis 16-17 Genesis 16 v 1-15 God’s too Slow God does things in his own time
16th FebruaryAbraham part 3 Genesis 18-20 Genesis 18 v 16-33 Compassion Learning to care for others
23rd FebruaryAbraham part 4 Genesis 21-23 Genesis 22 v 1-14 Did God really say that Sometimes we are tested to the limit
1st MarchIsaac Genesis 24-27 Genesis 24 v 42-66 The perfect partner Seeing how God answers prayers if we trust him
8th March Jacob part 1 Genesis 28-31 Genesis 28 v 10-22 The Dream A personal encounter with God
15th MarchJacob part 2 Genesis 32-36 Genesis 34 The Darkest Hour There is a way back even when we go wrong
22nd MarchJoseph part 1 Genesis 37-40 Genesis 40 v 1-23 What Have I done to Deserve This Sometimes there is a long and difficult journey for us to make to get to where God wants us
29th MarchJoseph part 2 Genesis 41-47 Genesis 43 v 1-23 Paid in full v23 “It’s all right,” he said. “Don’t be afraid. Your God, the God of your father, has given you treasure in your sacks; I received your silver.” Is this a picture of Jesus
5th April Joseph part 3 Genesis 48-50 Genesis 50 v 15-21 Forgiven Forgive us – as we forgive them it’s not just for show